Solid Waste Collection

The City of Galax collects refuse from residential dwellings and small businesses once a week from the curb of each resident/business. Trash containers must be placed adjacent to the street or sidewalk by 7:00 A.M. on the day of collection. The containers must be removed on the same day after collection. In no instance are containers to be placed so as to interfere with the flow of traffic or pedestrians. Materials that are prohibited from being placed out for collection include, but are not limited to, large rocks, tree trunks, tree stumps, tree limbs, excess bulky material, waste from building materials, and heavy objects. In addition, the City cannot collect yard waste such as grass clippings or debris from tree and shrub trimmings during regular collection. The following rates for refuse collection are in effect: Residential Pickup: three (3) 32-gallon containers per week with a bi-monthly charge of $24.00.Business/Commercial Pickup: Please call 276-236-2131 for rates.

Leaf Collection Program

Each fall, the City of Galax Public Works Department collects leaves from curbside. Leaves and small yard debris will be collected during this scheduled time. Raked or bagged leaves should be placed within three feet of the curb or street. Brush and yard debris should be cut to lengths of no more than five (5) feet and tree limbs should be no more than two (2) inches in diameter. Individual households will be limited to one load of brush and yard debris. Every effort will be made to follow the regular refuse collection schedule. Please call 276-236-5773 with any questions pertaining to the leaf collection program. The next leaf collection will be held in the fall of 2010.

Signs and Signals

The Public Works Department is responsible for all street name signs, road signs, and traffic signals.

Snow Removal

The City of Galax gives priority and emphasis to clearing the main arterial streets and then the collector and local streets. Parking spaces in the downtown area are cleared as soon as possible and access roads to school parking lots are cleared to allow early dismissals. All employees of the Public Works Department are available twenty-four hours a day for snow removal. During snow storms, the Public Works Department works twenty-four hours a day to keep the main arteries clear within the corporate limits. Lessor connector roads are cleared after the main arteries are sufficiently maintained.

Street Maintenance

The Public Works Department is responsible for general street maintenance, including ditches, shoulders, potholes, utility cut repairs, lawn mowing, tree trimming, and street sweeping.


Cemetery crews maintain the Felts Memorial and Galax Cemetery.

City Residents – $450.00 per plot

Grayson or Carroll Residents – $600

Out of Area Residents – $800

Monta Vista Mausoleum – $1000

Mike Woodel
Director of Public Works
111 E. Grayson Street
Galax, VA 24333
ph: 276-236-3691
fx: 276-236-2154

Call 811 before your dig