You may also make a payment by phone or check your account balance 24/7 with our automated phone service. Call (855) 285-9205.

This is a fee-based service. A service fee of $3.95 will be applied to all credit card payments and a fee of $1.95 will be applied to all payments made via electronic check (ACH/EFT). The maximum payment allowed, per transaction, with a credit card is $300.00. If you wish to pay more than this amount, you may make multiple payments. There is no maximum for ACH/EFT payments.

Electronic payment is an optional service provided by the City of Galax for the convenience of our residents. The service fee presented before checkout is set and collected by our online bill pay provider to cover the costs associated with processing your payment. The fee is not collected by the City of Galax. It will appear as a separate charge on your credit card or bank statement.

Fast and Easy

No registration is required for “One Time Pay,” the fastest way to pay online and confirm payment.

Safe and Secure

Your information is kept confidential, secure, and backed by the highest security standards.


Paying online reduces paper use and is an easy way to help the environment.