Zoning Administrator

The Zoning Administrator provides responsible management and compliance with the City Zoning Ordinance. The Zoning Administrator is responsible for current planning issues for rezoning, special use permits, zoning variances, sign permits, building site plan review, and subdivision plats. The Zoning Administrator serves as staff to the Planning Commission, which is an advisory board to the City Council. All re-zonings, special use permits, and major subdivision plats are subject to approval by the City Council.  The Zoning Ordinance is provided in Chapter 160 of the Code of the City of Galax.

The Zoning Administrator evaluates property use in compliance with the City Zoning Ordinance and provides the following services:

    • Interpretation of City land use Codes.
    • Provides for zoning application review and coordination of development plans between the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, general public, property owners, developers, contractors and appropriate staff within City Departments.
    • Provides enforcement actions for Zoning Code compliance.
    • Approves and issues sign permits.

Zoning Documents

Contact Zoning Administrator for additional information regarding:

  • Parcel or lot zoning determinations
  • Zoning Permit Application
  • Zoning Amendments
  • Zoning Changes
  • Zoning Conditional Uses
  • Zoning Variances
  • Zoning Appeals
  • Certificate of Zoning Compliance Permit
  • Home Occupation Permit Application
  • Sign Permits
  • Temporary Sign Permits